Conquer your fear - it takes courage to do something new

Conquer your fear - it takes courage to do something new
Blood Donation Camp

The Blood donation camp

   On 2nd October 2019 we planned a blood donation camp to commemorate birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. One of our workers was very fearful of blood donation. He never donated blood. He is physically fit young person. We asked him to donate blood. He said honestly, “I am afraid of donating blood.” We educated and encouraged him to donate blood. Being team leader, I told him, “I would be the first person to donate blood. Afterwards if he finds it OK, then he may donate blood too.” He nodded in affirmative but apprehension was clearly visible on his face.
"Fear is lengthened shadow of ignorance."
- Arnold Glasow
       As promised, I was the first person to donate blood. After observing about eight persons who donated blood before him, he agreed to donate blood. He managed little smile while agreeing.

        However, after blood donation he started sweating profusely. His fear of blood donation resurfaced. Something bad will happen to him due to blood donation. He will grow weak. All such premonitions started haunting him. Yet he managed to calm himself quickly. As it was holiday, we went home that day.

        Next day morning I asked him “How are you feeling?” He replied with a big smile “Now I know nothing happens after blood donation. Now I am not afraid. I will donate blood next time also.”

     The action that was giving him fear a day before was now giving him a sense of achievement. He felt pride in donating blood, more so for conquering his fear. Interestingly we also felt proud for the same reason.

"One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do."
- Henry Ford


  • Decision to act is only with YOU. Only and only you can decide to conquer your fear.
  • Doing something new gives you a sense of pride, boosts your confidence.
  • Beliefs that have served you so far may not be relevant in present context. Stop clinging to old beliefs that stop you from doing right, are counterproductive, or an obstacle in your moving forward.
  • Decisions not culminating into action are meaningless.
  • Helping others also helps you. 
  • Verbal encouragement may not be enough; at times, you have to show by example.
  • Encouraging YOURSELF to something new and conquer your fear is also important.

Questions for you:

  • Have you ever said NO to an opportunity to do something new?
  • Have you done something new recently?
  • Do have plans to do something new, especially one that you fear? Do you have a New Year resolution to do at least five new things?
  • Have encouraged/helped somebody to conquer his fears?
  • When was the last time you did a new thing that brought a winning smile on your face?